About us

Hi I'm Emma and I own the Havant & Waterlooville area. Our area starts at Westbourne and stretches all the way to Denmead! I absolutely love meeting so many wonderful families every day. We have a blast in groups and have so much wriggling fun! I am a mummy to three wonderful children who have all been to Jiggy Wrigglers groups and loved the upbeat music, singing, dancing, puppets and multi-sensory props! I loved the nice warm cuppa at the end!!My love for Jiggy Wrigglers was so big that I became a group leader in the area and now I have my dream job as the owner of the area.    I am a qualified teacher and trained in Performing Arts so being part of the Jiggy Wrigglers family is an absolute dream! I cannot wait to see you all for some wriggling fun very soon!